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Blooming Naturals

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Blooming Naturals specializes in helping the professional masseur, aromatherapist, beautician, physiotherapist and other bodywork professionals, including spas and wellness centres, give greater satisfaction to clients - ensuring that they recommend your practice to other potential clients!

How do we do this?

First, due to growing 'green' awareness the public today is much more selective of the ingredients they use not only in food but also, increasingly, in cosmetics and other skin and hair care products. Our whole business philosophy is aligned with this awareness.

We take a lot of care to ensure we provide you with genuinely natural, professional-quality massage and therapeutic oils, creams, balms, lotions, facial masks, serums and other pure beauty and wellness products. All are hand-made by ourselves with mindfulness and healthy, organic ingredients.
We also strive to obtain our ingredients from sustainable and, as much as possible, fair-trade sources.

Secondly, we can offer you good discounts for larger pack sizes for use in your treatment room. We will always listen to what you need and do our best to help you.
We can also provide you with our line of natural products in retail packs. So when your clients expresses satisfaction with the treatment with one of our products, you can offer them the product in a handy pack to take home.

Finally, most of our natural preparations have the added value of being therapeutic, making it possible for you to further help clients with a specific problems.

Our goal is to provide you and your clients with the very best, natural products, free of toxic and other questionable ingredients such as parabens, petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, SLS and other unnecessary ingredients with carcinogenic and pathogenic association.

Toxic ingredients are often found in mainstream health and beauty products, even those that are packaged as 'natural' when in fact they are not.

When you treat your customers with our oils, creams, balms, lotions, serums, body butters etc. you can be assured that you are giving the very best quality, completely natural products with ingredients from good, honest sources.

It is now well known that the skin actively eliminates toxins from the body. What is not so well known is that many of the chemicals found in conventional skincare are absorbed by the skin and taken directly into the bloodstream.

By using our pure, natural plant products of Blooming Naturals on your clients' skin, you know that you are truly supporting them in their desire for wellness of body and spirit.

 Interested? Contact us with your requirements, together with a copy of your qualification details and we will let you know how we can help.


De Corantijn 87F
1689 AN, Zwaag (NH) 
The Netherlands 
Tel: 0031 (0) 645 417 321 



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