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Sandalwood essential oil (organic)

INCI: Santalum spicata wood oil. Origin Australia. Steam distillation of wood.
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Sandalwood essential oil (organic)

INCI: Santalum spicata wood oil.
Origin: Australia.
Steam distillation of wood.

Sandalwood is one of the oldest known perfume materials, having a history of at least 4000 years uninterrupted use, mainly in India as incense and in religious ceremonies.

Nowadays the Indian species, Santalum album is endangered and subject to smuggling. This oil, from an Australian species comes from more sustainable, non-endangered and organic sources.

Sandalwood essential oil imparts both a meditative and sensual ambience and is reputed to be aphrodisiac.
It is helpful in natural skincare preparations for both dry and greasy skin, acne, cracked and chapped skin, in aftershaves, cold creams, cleansers and facials.

Can also be used in aromaburners.

Caution: Possible sensitization in some individuals. We recommend a patch test (dilute the essential oil in a cream or carrier oil first) before using any new skincare preparation. As with virtually all essential oils it should not be used neat on the skin nor be taken internally!

If you are not familiar with the use of essential oils please read our Essential Oils - Important Safety Points


2.5ml (in 10ml bottle) or 10ml in brown glass bottle with dropper cap. Larger sizes available on request.



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