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Blooming Naturals

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 Blooming Naturals products are hand-crafted using Magical Naturals ingredients, some of which we grow and/or wild-harvest and process ourselves. Our work is guided by the spiritual wisdom of plants, as well as by understanding their their biochemical affinity for our bodies.

Blooming Naturals is part of Romantic Nature (est. 2009) conceived and parented by herbalists Carolina IJben (from Amsterdam) and Andrew Cox (from London). The business is based near Hoorn in the Dutch province of North Holland, part of the old region of West-Friesland.

We feel a deep connection with nature in general and medicinal plants in particular. Both of us, in our own ways, have dedicated most of our lives as apprentices to these complex but generous beings. We quickly realised that plants have a depth of awareness and a connection to Source that most urbanised humans have gradually forgotten. From our roots of studies in herbal medicine, spirituality and applied science,  this business - with all its relationships and challenges - is how we continue to grow in knowledge, as well as in our hearts. Click here to read about our holistic, artisan production methods. 

Carolina transitioned to a new life in August 2021, after living heroically and gracefully with cancer for 4 years or more. I feel that part of her continues to guide me, and others, in nurturing her legacy of Blooming Naturals.  And also in honouring her love for truth, nature and self-empowerment.


Île Naturelle Formentera was created in 2013 by Iria (from Coruña) and Jaime (from Oviedo). Their artisan organic cosmetics company is based in the magical Valle del Pop in the region of La Marina Alta, part of the Spanish province of Alicante.

Iria and Jaime were working in Madrid when the economic crisis at the time made them decide to make a new start, more attuned to their hearts. Passionate about the sea and nature, they realised that they wanted a calmer, slower, more conscious and consistent way of life, in harmony with themselves and with the environment. This they eventually found on the Balearic island of Formentera, in its people and in the beautiful solitude of winter. This became the inspiration for  Île Naturelle.

We (Carolina and Andrew) were already frequent visitors to the Valle del Pop, also known as ''the valley of the almond blossom'', where, in the surrounding mountains, we would wild-harvest rosemary, lavender, thyme and helichrysum for our infused oils. So when we finally met Iria and Jaime it felt right and destined. We were delighted to discover how much we had in common. It was the beginning of a special friendship and later also a business cooperation.

We love how Iria and Jaime work in a way that reflects authentic artisan tradition, in tune with local nature and the centuries-old Mediterranean way of life. You can really feel the healthy effect of this in their exquisite hand-crafted cosmetic products! 



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